Division of Pharmaceutics

Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen

Research Activities

The division's main area of research is examining ways of processing peptides and proteins and their formulations such that the active maintains its optimal stability and activity. A close second is the formulation of polymeric thin films for use as transdermal systems. hine

Spray Drying of Peptides & Proteins

This has been a major interest for a number of years. We take a close look at the spray drying of proteins mainly for parenteral application. Spray drying is actually of gentle way of handling a sensitive biological, and in many ways no less attritious than freeze drying. We have examined the morphology of spray dried sugar/protein systems, and looked at protein damage during the process and also on subsequent storage. What actually happens to the conformation and activity of protein molecules during nebulization and subsequent drying of liquid droplets ? We have developed a new kinetic technique to examine continuously the changes taking place in a  protein  during droplet drying. You can read more about this device here: 1,2,3,4.