Division of Pharmaceutics

Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen


Chronological List of Publications (pdf file)

Our PhD Theses Available Online

The pdf files of our PhD theses can be downloaded free of charge. I would, however, appreciate it is a courtesy if you would send me a short e-mail to let me know that you have down-loaded a particular thesis (lee@pharmtech.uni-erlangen.de). Thanks !  

Mathias Erber Rapidly dissolving cryopellets for rotational thromboelastometry
Sabina Ulrich Shrinkage & cracking of amorphous cakes during freeze drying
Felix Wolf Microparticles for delivery of vaccines
Anne Mundstock Measurement of saturation solubility of drugs in stratum corneum lipid matrices
Elke Lorenzen Kinetics of protein damage during drying in a single droplet levitator

Simone Reismann

Saturation solubility determination of a drug in thin polymer films and its influence on permeation

Georg Straller

Regulating particle morphology during a spray freeze drying process and detecting protein structure using online light scattering

Stefan Schneid

Investigation of process analytical technology (PAT) tools for use in freeze-drying equipment

Silja von Graberg

Freeze drying process control of biologicals

Sebastian Vonhoff

Influence of atomization conditions on protein secondary and tertiary structure during microparticle formation by spray freeze drying

Brigitte Schröder

In vitro and in vivo assessment of a novel electrochemically controlled transdermal therapeutic system

Anke Sass

Spray drying of proteins from non-aqueous liquid feeds

Eva Meister

Methodology, data interpretation, and practical transfer of freeze dry microscopy

Harald Pudritz

Influence of formulation variables on in vitro deposition of spray dried, respirable particles

Eva Wulsten

Determination of droplet surface temperature and drying kinetics of protein solutions using an ultrasonic levitator

Peter Lassner

Spray drying an IgG fragment: creating a stable storage form

Jürgen Bögelein

Influence of amorphous adjuvants on the enzymatic activity of spray dried catalase and lysozyme

Andreas Ziegler

Attrition forces acting on spray-dried and spray-freeze-dried protein-loaded particles with needle-free injectors